NEWS – design psychology workshops.

Thinking about renovation or moving house? You have relocated but are still lost? Look how to improve your space.

Step 1
Individual or group consultation
Three two-hour meetings finishing with preparation of a plan of changes that you want
to introduce in your interior.
Step 2
Preparation of project
The fees depend on number of changes that
we agree to introduce. Within the works
on the project – depending on the advance extent – I cooperate with architectural studios
Step 3
of the project
Price is agreed with contractor

These steps are independent of each other
and are not to be combined

– Are you stucked in the middle of an issue
and can’t move forward?
– Do you need help to unite your private
and professional space?
– Are you an architect interested in using design psychology in your work?
– Have you (or any of your household) gone through a difficult illness and want to improve your physical and mental state?
– Do you want to feel better in your home?
If the answer to any of these questions is positive, Space with Love can help you.
If you have any questions or you want to make
a positive change in your life, contact
me at: