See Space with Love realizations

SCO – rest zone for patients

Rest zone in the SCO is ready. Photos Gosia Góra

apartment for a couple in progress

Parisian inspirations

Mazovian Oncology Hospital

Two rooms for the patients, their relatives and families in the oncology hospital in Wieliszew on the 2nd and 3rd floor, decorated with the help of Benefitsystems. The first theme is the beach and the sea, and the second theme is forest and plants. Nature, even modified, has a healing effect on patients. Everyone can watch Tv there, read a book and talk to loved ones. Both rooms are somewhat domesticated and try to be a little escape from hospital reality. Pictures: Gosia Góra

Kindergarten in Raszyn

The headmaster’s office, secretariat and hall in the kindergarten in Raszyn

Marcin’s space

Marcin said: In my apartment I value simple forms. With the interior designed by Olga I feel very free and happy with everything fitting in my home.

Magda’s space

Magda’s warm house. She wants her kitchen to be a reminder of her grandmother’s kitchen from when she was a child
I always felt safe and loved in my grandmother’s kitchen – the owner adds.

Anna’s space

Anna’s house. Small objects, furniture, photos and mementoes are more precious than the whole house.