About me

Using Space with Love I would like to help people to create their ideal interiors.


My name is Olga Struzyna, I worked
for a well-known Polish interior design magazine (Dobre Wnętrze) for 15 years. Through my work and by obtaining a degree in interior design (course organizer: Educoncept), I acquired a wealth
of knowledge and experience about interior design. Over the years, I have learned
how to create a beautiful home with nice furniture and accessories; how to identify
the difference between a reproduction
and an orginal work of art and design;
how to recognize trends dominating
in design. But something was missing ….

And finally I discovered: I want to share
my experience with passion for design
and desire to help other people. That is why
I created Space with Love, but first I decided
to study Design Psychology (founded by dr. Toby Israel in USA) in 2015 and received
a Certificate in Design Psychology (2016) on the successful completion of the course.

My aim is to help single people, couples and families to feel better in their home space. I also want to support my clients in creating a ‘healing interior’ in their home – space that supports their health and well-being, especially when facing illness or perhaps the loss of a loved one.

The most important to me in my work is to create space, which:
– makes you feel at peace yourself,
– has a meaning rather than a place that is artificially created by some stylists or mass patterns,
– meets the owner’s needs and reflects their place sensitivity,
– remind you of the best places where you have lived,
– inspires you to develop yourself and gives you the energy
to overcome difficulties,
– prompts you to open a new chapter in your life,
– eases recovery after a long illness.